Important Update for Steins;Gate English Patch

Hi everybody, it’s me again. Our team still working on the full patch for Android and in the same time we’re trying to fix some issues. So, today’s post isn’t about just regular fix but about important one. The thing is our previous patch (1.0.4 and lower) has issue that doing unreadable almost entire chapter 11. So if you have installed the patch earlier you must download the fix and replace all files inside /sdcard/Android/data/com.mages.steinsgate/scripts/. So it goes.

If you didn’t install the patch yet, you can donwload and install new patch from here –


Steins;Gate English Patch (Android) [demo]

So, it happened!
And I’m glad to present you the english patch for Steins;Gate!

This is the port of iOS translation patch, which have been made by ant08 and lolgc.

This patch includes translated Prologue and First Chapter only.

– main scripts
– phone mails
– tips
– achievements
– options menu (partly)
– opening movies
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