Steins;Gate English Patch (Android) [demo]

So, it happened!
And I’m glad to present you the english patch for Steins;Gate!

This is the port of iOS translation patch, which have been made by ant08 and lolgc.

This patch includes translated Prologue and First Chapter only.

– main scripts
– phone mails
– tips
– achievements
– options menu (partly)
– opening movies

Much things (such as system messages, phone menu, @channel, etc.) have not translated yet, due to that they are inside APK. In other hand, if APK will be reassembled with a translated strings, then game will become unable to purchase.
Word wrapping doesn’t work also.
I’m working on it, so it will be fixed in the next patch.

[spoiler intro=”Screenshots”]











Link to download:

How to install:
– Extract files from zip-archive
– Move files from folder “files” to “/sdcard/Android/data/com.mages.steinsgate/files/

If you will find some bugs or get errors please write about it in the comments!

Full patch will be soon.

37 thoughts on “Steins;Gate English Patch (Android) [demo]

    1. aloneunix Post author

      Yeah, I have already thought about it. But, unfortunately, my PC is broken now and I unable to check the Chaos;Head.


  1. Zezedder

    Can I ask you for some progress report?
    I am a huge steins gate fan and was so happy about your android demo. I really wish that there might come a full version.
    Or are you still collecting money to purchase the VN?
    Greets from Germany!


    1. aloneunix Post author

      Well, I didn’t worked on it yet, since I still don’t have a full game (nobody has donated).
      So, I decided to suspend work on the full patch and transfer it to lolgc. He will finish full patch soon and I definitely will post about the full patch, so don’t get worried about it.


  2. manguzás


    I’m trying to translate this to spanish, but my knowledge of editing this type of files is null. I’m waiting response from some friends to see If they can visualize correctly .src/.sdt files, but I want to know it is possible to know, how do you open and edit this files and with which program?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. edward Kim

    wow! amazing! I can’t hold my delight after successful eng patch
    I’m from korea but there’s no kor patch for android except ios
    but I don’t have any device related to apple
    but finally I can enjoy this in english thanks to you!


  4. manguzás

    Thank you for deleting my message instead of answering my question. I didn’t expect translators to be so rude and selfish.

    Again, deeply thanks for nothing.


  5. MR.Park

    Hi! ­čśÇ
    IÔÇÖm trying to translate this to Korean, but my knowledge of editing this type of files is null.
    how do you open and edit this files and with which program?
    Thanks in advance.


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  7. Gastroid194

    Hay I downloaded the .zip file you put up and when I moved them into the file which yiu directed me too nothng worked no enlgish nothing? Did I do something wrong if so please tell me what I must do and where to send them??


  8. Hisao Nakai

    i’m not sure if it is patch bug or “original bug”… i can’t unlock the true end. i’m pretty sure after the call during “credits” the chapter 11 is unlocked but after the video it returns to the title screen. please help



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